Community Involvement

Volunteering and other work in the community

St. Johns Lutheran Congregational Council

Beginning in 2007, I served as a Member-At-Large on the Congregational Council.  My term ended as of May 1, 2013; at which time I had served for the maximum allowed 6 consecutive years and had to step down.  In my 6 years on the council, I’ve really enjoyed working with the other council members  as we attempted to keep the church on it’s path.  We accomplished many things such as adding a preschool/daycare, a new furnace and air conditioning unit, as well as losing and replacing our Senior Pastor (retired) and our Associate Pastor (took job as senior pastor elsewhere).  We’ve also added a third pastor who works closely with Jamestown College and the Lutheran Campus Ministry.  I continue to serve on several committees for St. Johns.

United Way Board of Directors

Beginning in 2011, I accepted a position on the Board of Directors for the local United Way chapter.  I served a three year term that ended in 2014.  I also serving as the Board Treasurer for the year 2012 and 2013.

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